Genuin Engineering

Passionate Problemsolvers


Who are we

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-21 at 14.47.58.jpeg is a high-tech startup family of passionate problem solvers. The company has its own R&D-team consisting of industrial product designers, electrical engineers, embedded software developers, cloud software developers and production specialists. We develop technological solutions for a broad range of clients.

Genuin makes a conscious distinction between regular engineering and research and development work. In our opinion, industrial design is all about innovation, user requirement, and social importance.

We listen carefully to the issues companies are struggling with, and work together in an open and honest way to reach solutions that we can manufacture on both a small and larger scale.

What we do


Standard thinking results in standard solutions. Unique solutions require a special approach. This is why we handle iterative development methods. By developing products in short and clear phases, we limit the amount of risks and keep close track of our progress to always stay on track. At the end of each iteration we perform tests, deliver a ready-to-use product or prototype, and judge this result as well as the process itself.


Our Projects


The handling projector, internally known as the Identifying Flying Object (IFO) is a scanning/projecting augmented reality system able to project real-time information on any number of objects which may be recognized using its overview and depth cameras. Using our ‘point-and-project’ principle the IFO is able to be deployed in any environment where humans need the ability to naturally interact with an increasingly more encoded world.

The IFO originated in the parcel and logistics sector. It was here that we noticed that the commonly used handheld barcode scanners were very inconvenient to use by the parcel sorting employees and wasted a lot of efficiency. We found a solution in developing a machine capable of scanning all of the barcodes within a specified area, and projecting the relevant information directly onto the barcode. This completely frees up the hands of the sorting workers and allows them to fully focus on the actual task of physically sorting, without having to worry about getting the right information first.

The SmartGrinder


Whenever railroad tracks are welded together, the resulting weld needs to be grinded down until it is as smooth as the tracks themselves. This is currently still a completely manual and laborious process involving heavy, combustion engine powered machinery requiring the user to work in unergonomic positions for extended periods of time.

Genuin is currently developing what we call the “SmartGrinder”, a lightweight and fully automated grinding machine. All that’s left to do after a weld is made is to place the SmartGrinder on the rail, and turn it on. Using a laser profile scanner the SmartGrinder will make a 3D image of the rail and weld, and calculate the optimal shape. The machine then calculates a toolpath and performs both the course grinding and smoothing passes using efficient, lightweight electric motors.