Allround Creative Industrial Engineer

Is it your dream to work in a young, motivated and innovative team of enthusiastic developers where no challenge is too crazy? is a company in which innovation and humanity stand on one side. We work on a wide range of projects both at home and abroad with the aim of making an efficient contribution to solving today's problems. This starts with a duct tape prototype and ends with an actual product with both hardware and software.

The company is three years young and has grown into a team with 40 passionate problem solvers including a number of trainees.

Your function:

You are going to occupy yourself with the industrial design of our products. Here you take into account the (mass) producibility, ease of assembly and maintenance, lifespan, safety, and heat management. You are involved in the entire process, from product specification to final assembly.

Since your design touches all facets of the product, you work closely with your colleagues in electrical engineering, mechatronics, maintenance and assembly and contribute to important design decisions.

In addition to your direct colleagues, you also communicate with our suppliers about technical feasibility, delivery times and costs.

You have about 5 years of experience with:

- Various production techniques, both with metal, wood and plastic.
- CAD programs preferably Fusion 360 or programs such as Inventor or Solidworks
- Making and reading technical working drawings.
- Design for mass production and production guidance.
- Mechanical engineering.
- Heat transfer and lighting systems.

We offer you:

- Knowledge
- Opportunities
- Trust
- Responsibility
- And of course the usual certainties

Type of employment: Full-time, Part-time

Interested? Please send your CV and motivation to us through email:

Call for more information to 0636127112

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