Electrical Engineer, Rotterdam, 3 fte 

‘Abandon all hope all ye who enters’  

Au contraire! Genuin.engineering is a developer of industrial goods, and proud to be a socially oriented innovative company with a humane approach and averse to a hierarchical corporate structure of 30 layers.  

Our projects are diverse and spread over both home and abroad with the aim of making an efficient contribution to solving today's problems. This starts with a duct tape prototype and ends with an actual product with both hardware and software. Our team of 38 passionate problem solvers is looking for equally passionate new industrial nerds.  

Function content: 

You will be involved in developing hardware platforms for IOT applications and the design of  industrial controllers, like the design and the making of PCB’s and motherboards. 

Our expectations of you:  

Must haves 

• Flexible electronics engineer for analogue and digital systems 

- can develop a prototype for a proof-of-concept in 2 days 

- can develop a production-capable system that meets industrial requirements 

• Multidisciplinary collaboration with software, product design and mechanical engineers 

• 3+ years of relevant work experience 

Should haves 

  • Experience with Eagle PCB design 

  • Comparable knowledge of simulation packages such as Spice, MATLAB, Python / Anaconda 

  • Can communicate on a high technical level in Dutch and English 

  • Experience with setting up and executing Quality Assurance tests 

Nice to haves 

  • Experience with Fusion 360, specifically the link between Fusion and Eagle 

  • Embedded knowledge; AVR, ARM, ICP / ISP 

We can offer you: 

  • Knowledge (& ignorance)  

  • Chances (you don’t shoot, you don’t score, right?)  

  • Trust (only possible with sense of responsibility)  

  • Sense of responsibility (only possible when we can trust one and other)  

  • An environment with a low level of bullcrap  

  • And of course the calibrated security (you pay taxes and die)  

So do you want to work in a young, motivated and innovative team of industrial developers where the sky is the limit?   

Then please send your  CV and motivation to us through email: peoplelover@genuin.nl

Need more info? Call 0636127112.  

Join the Genuins!

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