Growth Tower

One of humanity’s most important requirements is the availability of healthy food. It is the fuel of our civilisation. In the last 20 years our collective view and technology have changed dramatically. If we look at how our food is produced based on this new knowledge it becomes evident that there is much room for improvement, particularly in the areas of leveraging nature’s own powers of renewal and circularity.

As a species we are currently coming to terms with the finite nature of our resources, and finite space. Most crops today are grown in large open monocultural fields. This additionally requires heavy and often polluting machinery in order to work these fields. From a modern and high-tech perspective, our current ways of farming are extremely dated.

In 2015 nearly 60% of The Netherlands was used for agricultural purposes. We believe vertical farming is the solution to reducing this area, allowing nature to reclaim much of its area lost to farming. This will result in the stabilisation of local ecosystems and, as a result, Earth itself. By growing microgreens in a vertical system both growth times and labour can be reduced. To this end, Genuin has started an internal research project into the development of a modular vertical farming system requiring minimal human interaction.