Mechatronics Engineer is a developer of industrial goods, and proud to be a socially oriented innovative company with a humane approach and averse to a hierarchical corporate structure. Our projects are diverse and spread over both home and abroad with the aim of making an efficient contribution to solving today's problems. This starts with a duct tape prototype and ends with an actual product with both hardware and software. Our team of 40 passionate problem solvers is searching for an equally passionate industrial colleague.


Function content:

You will be developing new solutions to industrial problems using mechanical and electronic processes and computer technology. Furthermore you will be designing, developing, maintain and manage a high technology engineering system for industrial tasks and apply mechatronic or automated solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods as well as the appliance of advanced computer-driven control systems. In addition to this you will study the feasibility, cost implications and performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment and carry out modelling, simulation and analysis of complex mechanical and electronic systems using computers.


Required experience:

·         Knowledge on Electronic systems

·         Control systems

·         Motors

·         Sensors

·         Progamming in python


We can offer you:

·         Knowledge

·         Opportunities

·         Trust

·         Sense of responsibility

·         A non-hierarchical environment

·         And of course the calibrated security


Do you want to work in a young, motivated and innovative team of industrial developers where the sky is the limit?

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