Richard Hardiman, an entrepreneur from South-Africa, witnessed how people in his home country were using boats and landing nets to scoop plastic out of the ocean. He immediately got inspired by what he saw and developed a much faster, smarter and more efficient concept to clear the water of plastic by using drones.

He didn’t get much further than just the concept in South-Africa, but luckily for him he received a phone call in 2015 from PortXL. In 2016, he completed the PortXL program and met with startups and facilities at RDM via the Port Authority's network.

He signed a contract with Port Of Rotterdam in order to further develop his prototype. Genuin.engineering, RDM Makerspace, and Jules Dock helped him to build his prototypes and products. Now with the facilities of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences sin the RDM he can test and improve his prototypes in the Aqualab and Dronehaven.